When it comes to security cameras one size does not fit all.
Our many years experience in the industry means we are

Able to:

• Plan the wiring so that it can be concealed wherever possible.
• Specify the most suitable cameras for your needs.
• Choose the correct lenses for the areas you wish to monitor.
• Position cameras accurately in order to get the best results.


Security camera systems are only as good as the people who install them. Our technicians have the experience and know-how to install even the most complicated systems, professionally and with care.


Our customers include:

  • Factories, showrooms and stores
  • Offices, hotels and shopping centers
  • Private residencies, apartments and condominiums.
  • Schools, colleges and churches.
  • Bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • Parking lots and gated communities
  • Hospitals and municipal buildings


Your installation is just the beginning. We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient response to any service calls you may have.


A security camera system takes on a whole new meaning when you can view your business or home remotely over the internet via: a PC, laptop or cellphone.


To assist you with your purchase we accept checks, major credit cards and offer competitive leasing terms. ( 1 to 5 years )